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Makeup to Breakup: A modern story

Makeup and Breakup is an independent YouTube series based in New York that covers the inter-hetero relationships between young black couples and their complexities. With its cinematic videography and compelling storyline it is a must watch and BAAB certified.

Directed by Eric J. Dickens,


Episode 3 uncovers a cheating husband lying to his wife about his expenditure after she finds his bank statement. Blake pursues a new love, after freshly breaking up with his ex. His homeboys harbor a secret from him.



Nicolette Ellis

Omar Salmon

Sean Dominic

Emilio Evans,

Kamel Goffin,

Karmia Berry

Olivia Gray


Collette "Orange Moon"


1st AD Morgan Jenkins

Cinematography Kevin C. Spence

Editors Rakeem Nowell Kevin Spence Eric J. Dickens

Makeup Kerriann Morrison

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