Ye, uses the world as his therapist in Interview with Charlamagne the God

Nothing good is ever to come whenever Kanye West makes his return to social media. From calling POTUS, Trump is my boy to his bigoted thoughts saying that slavery was an option, igniting the hashtag #IfSlaveryWasAOption

In this interview with Charlamagne, Ye expresses himself in what Vince Staples would describe as his white man's voice, mental health. Implying that he doesn't feel the need to go to therapy. Yeezus implies that his wife's robbery that occurred on 03 October 2017, was likely to be a setup from the fashion world to "put him in his place" to remind him that regardless of his accomplishments that he is their negro.

Ye, is a sensitive grown black man who violates the existence of black person's with his insecurities, fear and paranoia. Running away from his own blackness through the years must be his coping mechanism of his reality.

#Kanyewest #mentalhealth

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