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Director of banned film Rafiki speaks on changing the image of Africa

Africa's perception across the board from mass media has always been portrayed as "meek, helpless and dying", Wanuri Kahiu challenges power roles and gender dynamics through her platform Afrobubblegum. She believes that a different type of image portrayal of Africa will change its worldly perception through the portrayal of joy to communicate instead of the portrayal of devastation. There is so much power in creating a new stereotype.


GER is a biographical documentary about Ger Duany, a Sudanese/ American living in New York who returns to South Sudan after 18 years of separation to search for his family. Over five years we follow Ger’s journey, as he celebrates the independence of the new South Sudan, is devastated as the country falls back into war and the frustration as he resettles his family into Kakuma Refugee Camp. It is the story of strength, resilience and family yet full of love, tenderness and hope.


RAFIKI is a story about Kena and Ziki who live in a housing estate in Nairobi. The girls are unlikely friends and their fathers are rivaling politicians. When they become friends and the community find out, the girls are forced to choose between their ideals and safety. This will be the first feature film of its kind to be screened at Cannes Film Festival.

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