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Black Sheep a Documentary About Assimilation for Survival in Predominantly White Areas.

I remember hearing oy nigger! What? Oy nigger! I look up and I see a little boy calling me a nigger

A documentary that follows an incident in 2000 where a young boy by the name of Damilola Taylor was murdered at the age of 11 in London, UK. Scared for the safety of her son, Cornelius, who narrates the story, mother moved her family outside of London into a smaller rural area called Essex. Due to hypertension in the area Cornelius assimilated into the local culture, meaning erasing his blackness to emulate whiteness. Arising to identity issues, where he and his family discriminated through violence and verbal abuse against anything non-white.

Black Sheep was nominated for the 2019 Oscars in the Short Documentary Category.

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