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Here's What Makes Up Jay-Z's $1B Fortune

1. Armand de Brignac aka Ace of Spades

I used to drink Cristal but, the motherf*ckers racist so I switched gold bottles on that Spade shit. - Jay-Z (On to the Next One)

A bottle roughly costs $300. Jay-Z purchased the company in 2006 shortly after a racist statement from Cristal was released on how they felt uncomfortable about black people drinking their champagne. The champagne company adds $310 million to his net-worth.

2. Investments

Mr. Carter has a vast investment portfolio from Uber in which he has a $70 million stake in the company from his early investment in 2013 as well as other portfolios summing up to $220 million to his net worth.

3. D'Ussé

In collaboration with Bacardi, D'Ussé is a cognac that's been moving nearly 200 000 cases with an 80% annual growth according to Forbes. Adding an estimated $100 million to the rappers fortune.

4. TiDal

The world's third-largest streaming company of which he purchased the company for $60 million in 2015. We all remember that TiDal video that had the big 3 Rihanna, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj as well as his brother at the time Kanye West in that "end of the world" TiDal launch? Well, the company adds an estimated $100 million to his net-worth.

5. Roc Nation

Roc Nation Brunch 2018

An entertainment company that manages the likes of Rihanna and also acts as a record label, also famous for their #RocNationBrunch which is the only pre-grammy party anyone is interested in. Roc Nation adds $75 million to his net-worth.

6. Music

Being one of the first artists to own his master recordings, Jay-Z receives 100% of the profit from any time his music is played on an advert, radio, streaming platform, concert and event unlike in most deals where the record labels own the masters meaning after the contract is done, the royalties expire or become less. He is also the Chief-Exective-Officer at Def Jam Recordings (2004) one of hip hop's pioneer record labels since the 90s. Jay-Z's music streams at 1 billion annually making his music an estimated $75 million to his net-worth. This could be more obviously if he added his music on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms aside from TiDal.

7. Art

In the song Picasso Baby of which I was featured in the music video, Jay-Z speaks about owning a Basquiat in his kitchen corner, of which he even purchased one of his artworks "Mecca" for $4.5 million. Jay's art collection adds $70 million to his net-worth.

8. Property

Are you even a billionaire if property isn't part of the portfolio? The Carters real estate adds $50 million to Mr. Carter's net-worth.

Making him the first hip-hop and amongst a "tight circle, no squares I'm geometrically opposed to you" to be a self-made billionaire by the Oxford dictionary's definition what better way to celebrate than with BOSS. Listen below:

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