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Watch: President Ramaphosa Addresses Level 3 Lockdown Rumours

As COVID-19 continues to rampage the world President Ramaphosa reports on South Africa's Level 4 Lockdown Stats:

  • 8 times better than if the case were to not have had lockdown

  • 219 Deaths in South Africa

  • Over 9 million people have been screened making it the biggest health project of the country surpassing HIV/AIDS.

  • Vital measures have been implemented through a social-economic package with over R500b.

  • The unemployment scheme has paid out over R11b to workers who don't have access to salaries due to the pandemic. R350/month unemployment grant assistance plan will be in place for 6 months.

  • Solidarity Fund has raised R2.7b from private sector and individuals

  • 1 000 ventilators have been donated by USA

  • Increased levels of GBV have been reported

  • Steady economic activity will be released per level of lockdown

  • Movement of people and economic activity needs to be monitored

  • Certain provinces will move to level 3

  • E-commerce and retail will resume during level 4

As we ease into lower levels of Lockdown it is important to adhere to the following regulations:

  • Social distancing

  • Hand Hygiene Practices need to be adhered to

  • Cough etiquette into your elbow

  • Wear your masks

  • Frequent cleaning of work environment and public spaces

  • Frequent cleaning of homes

  • Quarantine, isolation and testing

  • Hugging, kissing and shaking hands a thing of the past

  • Redefining business practices and socializing permanently

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