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#NewMusicFridays Summer Walker's Life on Earth, Tory Lanez's VVS Capsule + BAAB FM

Short-track EP's seem to be on trend for artists of the 2020s. On this series of #NewMusicFridays we explore drops from Summer Walker's Life on Earth

A refreshing sound from her producer boyfriend escape London on The Track Walker teams up with NO1-NOAH on this 5-track EP. Here are the top two tracks on the EP:

  1. Let It Go

  2. White Tee (with NO1-NOAH)

Tory Lanez's VVS Capsule is well, I don't know an EP? The VVS Capsule is built on two high tempo and R&B/Hip Hop infused songs. Perhaps since his split from his label he aims to build on the EP track by track each Friday. Whatever the case 392 and Staccato are BAAB verified songs. Listen and save them!

Whether it's easy listening or just creating the space for a weekend quarantine party BAAB FM has got you covered. Learn how to use our new digital radio on the tutorial below:

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