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Nicki Minaj's and 6IX9INE's Trollz Outsells Top 10 on Billboard Combined + Raises $35,023

It's been quite the year for Nicki Minaj with just two #1 back-to-back in the space of a month. First with Say So (her song with Doja Cat) going number 1 and secondly with her song Trollz (her song with 6IX9INE)

With a portion of its proceeds going towards The Bail Project, Trollz has managed to gross over $175 115 in sales.

Trollz sold 115 000 copies in first week sales. According to Forbes the new champion on the Hot 100 is just the second track this year to rack up at least a six-digit sales count, following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s “Stuck With U,” which opened with 108,000 sales just last month.

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