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Nipsey Hussle Dead at 33

The rapper was shot outside of his LA store on March 31st. Two other people were wounded in the shooting outside Marathon Clothing in south Los Angeles.

Lieutenant Chris Ramierez of the Los Angeles Police Department told media that they're looking for a black male suspect. Many celebrities such as the likes of Diddy, Rihanna and Drake have shard their respects for Hussle and his family.

He is survived by longtime girlfriend Lauren London and his children. Many suspect that the cause of his shooting has to do with his endeavor in releasing a documentary about the late Dr. Sebi who allegedly found the cure for HIV/AIDs.

Dr Sebi was a Honduran herbalist who gained notoriety after he had posted an advert on the New York Times newspaper, claiming that he could cure HIV./AIDS.

Soon afterwards, the doctor was allegedly killed by US medical corporations, who, according to conspiracy theorists, felt threatened by Dr Sebi’s revolutionery feats in AIDS medical research.

Nipsey had openly shared that he was in the process of filming a documentary about the herbalist. For the rapper, it was important for people to see life for what it truly is.

“I think the story is important. I think it’s a powerful narrative,” he told the Breakfast Clubcrew in a 2018 interview.

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