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Shannade Clermont Has Been Sentenced to 12 Months Prison Time

After one half of the Clermont twins plead guilty to a count of felony wire-fraud and was convicted by the Southern District Court of New York Judge Naomi Buchwald. Shannade, who is guilty of credit card theft, she used the banking information of a man who died of an accidental overdose during their escort date from alcohol and cocaine laced with fentanyl on 1 February 2017.

According to the deceased sister, "When my brother died Ms. Clermont went shopping. During that period Shannade spent over $20 000 on various luxury goods, flight tickets and paid rent without calling the police at the time of the victim's death. Judge Buchwald condemned this series of choices after the victim's death as a "failure of character." Shannade is expected to serve a full sentence of 12 months and three years of supervised release thereafter.

It is questionable to find out what happens to Shannon's career as the twins have presented themselves a duo brand from hosting, reality tv to their most infamous Yeezy S4 Campaign.

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