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Watch: Formation World Tour Multi-Cam DVD

As the BeyHive we definitely got snubbed when it came to The Formation World Tour which grossed $267.25 million in box office sales (2018). If you're an OG hive member then you would know that Beyonce is known for tour and a post-tour DVD, we got one for Dangerously In Love, The Beyonce Experience, I Am... World Tour, The Mrs. Carter Show and that doesn't even cover the intimate Vegas DVD during the Sasha Fierce era!

All of this is part of the Beyonce formula during one of her best self-discovery eras Lemonade, a tour we were so desperately excited for since her digital drop B7, did not happen for FWT. When asked about when those visuals were going to drop with ELLE Canada last year she told hive you can always watch the Formation World Tour in your mind; you own that! 🤪

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