#WKNDWrapUp Barbz Determined to Get Say So #1, Diddy Sends Cassie a Land Rover & COVID-19 Stats SA

Say So (Official Dance Visuals) by Doja Cat's Choreographer

If you have seen #SaySoToNumber1 trend in and out then you have the barbz to thank for that. Last week was a week for female rap and female rap only from Beyonce's surprise remix of Savage to the highly anticipated Say So (Remix) featuring Nicki Minaj.

We will know for sure this afternoon if Say So has chartered to #1 in the US and if this is the case it'll be the first time in history that a female rap duo debut at #1.

Diddy and Cassie were hip hop's mogul couple for more than a decade till their split in late 2018. Shortly after that Cassie Ventura ended up pregnant and married to the Ciroc founders trainer. It's been almost a year since Cassie's marriage but that doesn't mean that Combs will respectfully remain at bay. According to YouTuber Unwine with Tasha K it has allegedly been discovered that Combs has been sending gifts to Cassie from a Land Rover to a pricey stroller all of which she sent back. This makes you wonder if Diddy wants her back or feels as if he's lost control over his former girlfriend.

South Africans entered Level 4 lockdown on 1 May 2020 but, this doesn't mean that a minority understood its basic terms and conditions. For example there have been large group gatherings specifically in the Western Cape which has now become the epicenter of COVID-19 from joggers to plain old traffic you wouldn't think that we are in the middle of a global pandemic.

As infection rates continue to rise it makes one wonder if June will be right back to level 5 lockdown with no exercise, no commute and no gatherings just back to cabin fever and ones own four walls. On that note, #StayHome

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