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#WKNDWRAPUP Cardi and Offset Possibly Back Together, South Africa's Financial Crisis + More


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Cardi B addresses her fanbase after they had called out the WAP rapper for having gone back and on filing for divorce from Migos rapper Offset allegedly. After her 28th birthday weekend celebration where her alleged ex-beau bought her a Rolls Royce left Bardi Gang confused. Only time will tell if the couple follows through with their divorce.


According to Mail & Guardian South Africa has suffered in the first two quarters of 2020 reporting consecutive negative GDP growth signifying a technical recession. The unemployment rate was hovering just below 30%. The estimates revealed in the 2020 Budget Speech indicated that we were teetering on the edge of a fiscal cliff, and that a Moody’s junk bond rating was imminent.

COVID-19's effects posed a threat on the economy with no stimuli due to lockdown regulations. Currently South Africa is posed with level 1 lockdown where the country has opened most sectors of the economy including tourism and travel. Only time and impertinent government strategy from President Cyril Ramaphosa will come to show how the country survives The Great Recession.

If you have seen #EndSARS trending then you're probably wondering why and what is happening in Nigeria:

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