#WKNDWRAPUP Donald Trump Has Paid $750 in Taxes since 2016, Tory Lanez Lies About Megan on Album


According to News24 President Donald Trump was exposed to having paid $750 in federal income taxes since 2016, the year he was elected, and had no income taxes in the previous 10-15 years.

In true Trump style he debunked the rumours as 'fake news' stating "first of all, I paid a lot and I paid a lot of state income taxes too"


In this video our founder Zintle Ramano teaches viewers how to customize your home screen for iOS 14 into an aesthetic.


Brought to you by BAAB FM for the music lovers The Heritage Day Mix is a Amapiano fusion with $AUCE BABY on the decks. Amapiano is a South African genre that began with piano and bass sounds from Pretoria. Shazam for tracklisting.


Looking good today, Mildred. Witness the origin of one of the world’s most iconic characters, Nurse Ratched. Sarah Paulson stars in Ratched which follows a storyline of a nurse who gets hired at a mental hospital which holds its own secrets. It's biggest secret Nurse Mildred and a killer who is a patient in the hospital.

Ratched is an excellent series that is memorable and boasts an equally diversified cast.


Tamar Braxton had a mental breakdown earlier this year just before the season premiere of her show that follows into her recovery of getting her life together after losing it all. She was hospitalized after a suicide attempt and was said to have crumbled under pressure after finding out her contract with WEtv could not be cancelled. Her ex-boyfriend David A has filed a restraining order against Braxton.

In a SoundCloud album, that we will not share, Tory Lanez lied and came after Megan Thee Stallion as well as a bunch of female rappers stating that he did not shoot her in the foot. Even though evidence from that night clearly shows she was shot in the foot:

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