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#WkndWrapUp: Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Toosie Sliding and Face Beats by Zintle

The internet has been all over the place due to COVID-19 pandemic and the last time the world stopped like this was when Beyonce dropped B6

However that does not mean that the world will not be entertained thanks to the digital age! Here's what some of our faves got up to:

Over the weekend Rihanna showed face for the first time since her FENTY drop at NYFW earlier this year to throw a Instagram Live party with a celebrity DJ Lineup and performances from artists like Lil Uzi Vert! The musician hasn't dropped an album since ANTi (2016) and since fans have been begging for a release well... she had a clapback just for that

Drake's Toosie Slide has already gone viral and it is only right that the princess of the A participate in the latest dance craze. Of course her bae Russell Wilson was there to support his wife and left foot up, right foot sliiiide!

Simone Biles took to break the internet and participate in the handstand challenge but, in reverse. Take a look and make a loud gawp!

Nicki Minaj who is the richest female rapper dead or alive went ghost for a while after her husband Kenneth Petty caught a case for failig to register as a sex offender in the state of California however, that hasn't stopped her from chasing the bag! With a single drop YIKES, feature on Rich the Kid's album w/ Not Sorry and now a sneak peak at her verse on Ty Dolla Sign's new song. Watch above.

In this episode Zintle Ramano shows viewers how not to do their makeup when filming a tutorial. Often beauty vloggers may forget that their fans are doing a step by step guide with them and may skip if not a lot then important steps to good makeup. Enjoy! Wash your hands.

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