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About Our Founder & Director

Your business might not be in digital but, digital is in your business.

Zintle Ramano, b. Oct 25 1994 began her early days at Roedean School For Girls in which she matriculated in 2012. After high school she went onto live, work and study in Luzern, Switzerland. She currently possesses two diplomas in Hospitality Management from Business Hotel and Management School (BHMS) Luzern and BA in Global Business Management from Robert Gordon University. Currently she is studying in the AWE 2021 cohort an entrepreneurship programme sponsored by the US Embassy collaboration with AWIEF. She was 1 of 1000 applicants chosen throughout South Africa.

On February 23rd 2018, she founded Black African and Beautiful Media Group (PTY) Ltd also known as BAAB Media Group which is 100% black and woman owned BBB-EE business. Since 2018 BAAB Media Group has worked through pro-bono and commissioned work with various companies such as JSE, ABSIP, WDBIH, AIH, IWFSA as well as the latest project being the Women's Economic Assembly a multi-stakeholder platform for deliberate action!

She has appeared on publications such as Art Basel, Sheer World Wide, Luxe Radar Media and MoreBranches Media and is also known as a global TEDx speaker.

She is a member of various voluntary organisations such as being part of the founding committee and Head of Digital Conversations at IWFSA's Young Leaders Connect IDEAL (YLC-IDEAL Programme), South African BRICS Youth Association member, committee member of UN Women Generation Equality Forum under the action coalition of Tech Innovation & Gender Equality.

Through YLC-IDEAL she has attended Institute of Directors South Africa (iOD SA) Being a Director 3 Part Course and is currently enrolled in Entrepreneurship at the Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (SGI).

She continues to be an entrepreneur who believes that the future is digital and Africa will be the core fundamental operation of the digital global economy.

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