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Em by Codello


She is great, she is beautiful. The form of a woman is lovely, it's emotional, it's art in itself. To understand their soul you must open your heart and mind to their strength and wisdom. Push aside the preconceived concepts you have of their limitation.

There's a lot they hold within, there's a lot they have to bear simultaneously baring us into life. Why would you think of them second place? Why would you think of them unequal to your form ? Don't classify them by what you think they may be open your mind and be on.

- Adedayo Laketu.


Em is a creative audio/visual project by Codelo, an innovative/creative hub and foundation founded in Lagos, Nigeria. Using simple set of images with a blue tone to put them against the "other sex", to show her form and valor. The sound orchestrally harmonizes with the images bringing together sound and imagery to juxtapose the eccentric values of a woman. Em is centered on uplifting women so as to adore, to be in awe and to be captivated by their allure.


Images captured by Benson Edo a visual creative from Codelo Sound created by Bond, a producer/engineer from music company Euphonic. Creative direction by Adedayo Laketu Model Kristian Nichole Merritt

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