We seek comfort in the softness of the black womxn.

What is it to be vulnerable? It is the very essence of succumbing your being internally and externally into the hands of another trusting that whatever it is that they decide to do with it won't be in vain. Nor will it be along the lines of betrayal.

What is it to be wet? It is the secretion stimulated from the tender touch of whomever it is that you choose to love even if it may be just for the night.

What is it to be (womb)an?

It is joy,

It is pain,

It is the breaking and coming back together,

It is home.

We seek comfort in the softness of the black womxn.

Aimanosi is a female black owned Nigerian brand that produces lingirie. In association with Black African and Beautiful, Aimanosi chose to be one of our vendors for our online store.


Photography XIXXCIV

Creative Direction - Tshiamo and Zintle Ramano

Models - Tshiamo and Zintle Ramano

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