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Short Film: Dilly 1


Pith is a fashion house birthed from Africa based on timelines and identities of minds all over the world. The idea is to curate clothes of both aesthetic and artistic details which represent the distinctions and unique diversity of tastes, cultures, ideas and personalities in our world. An acute use of textiles, colours and creative outlines within every look made.

Dilly means remarkable.

It is an ongoing narrative exploring the ongoing artistic revolution in Africa, enforcing a revamp and broadening the scope of what it means to be an artist in Africa.

A major influence on this revamp is the internet-age in Africa, conjuring a reorientation of mind and subsequently creating global growth, pushing the burgeoning industry and humanity forward.



Creative / Art Direction - Akhere/Adedayo.

Visual Director - Thompson. S. Ekong.

Short Film-Maker - Chukwuka Nwobi.

Models - Idowu/Bolu.

#pithafrica #dilly1 #lookbook

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