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Afropunk Bash JHB Kickoff 2017

The team was invited to the Afropunk Kickoff Bash that took place at Constitution Hill and we documented the vibes that the alternative blk kid had to offer from the likes of Soweto-based rockbound TCIYF, Themba Lunancy and King Tha vs. Blk Jks. At the event the lineup was announced that Johannesburg would be bringing in the new year with headliner Solange Knowles!

Afropunk found its roots in Brooklyn, USA to be a platform for the young black kid to exist in a space where the norm was out of bounds. For the black kid who enjoyed rock music, heavy metal and began to evolve into being the culture normative for those in the creative and art space.

Photography by Lydie Byart and Kamogelo Hlaswa.

Special thanks to Tweeling ZA & Dorothy Ramodibedi

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