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The Style Report: Vodacom Durban July 2017

What are horses and races without Afrocentric Glitz and Glamour?


Glitz, glamour and enchanting offerings of fashion that reflects elegance and opulence – this is the Vodacom Durban July. For fashionistas it is more than just about Polo and betting. The Vodacom Durban July is the main fashion scene of all South African Polo affairs and events. It is a platform for spectators to showcase their most glamorous interpretations of the annual event’s theme. Well, this year’s theme was ‘The Colour of Magic.’

This was our first year in attendance and part of our agenda was to capture

maverick fashion styles of everyday people dressed in authentic local designs. As a media group we are constantly looking to be inspired by people who we feel embody what it means to be Black, African and Beautiful. We captured magical moments in magical clothing. Clothing that has the power to ‘transform’ – as the great theorist Alison Lurie explains it. We kept our camera lens fixated on people who boldly voiced through the use of fashion and clothing, their pride and understanding of what it means to be Black, African and Beautiful.

Our BAAB fashionistas showed us a contemporary twist on cultural African attire. We were treated to spectacles of bright, vibrant hues and traditional African prints. From the fabric to the beading and the bold hats and accessories, these spectators made a statement that was loud and clear – We are AFRICAN and we are PROUD. This was in no doubt an Afrocentric take on glitz and glamour at its finest - a fierce reminder that Black is ‘The Colour of Magic’.

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