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A GameCube Series: SuperMario

The concept behind this lookbook is based on a combination of video game aesthetics and retro fashion.

It is a compilation of contemporary street style looks inspired by the Hip Hop and RnB fashion of the late 90s to early 2000s.

Named after classic video games, each look brings out a different character.

Each look aims to offer a fun and nostalgic spirit to the wearer.


Look 1: Mario

"This look is a take on minimalism with its use of monochromatic colour schemes and a touch of red."

Proportion and balance: A black oversized bomber jacket with a hood to play with proportion and scale – giving the look an asymmetrical balance.

Emphasis: A white tank top tied into a knot in the front, to add emphasis to the bust area, and by doing so adds a touch of femininity.

Texture: White fishnet stockings and a rhinestone choker to add texture.

Colour: Monochrome - White sunglasses to match the white tank top and black faux fur slides styled with black socks to match the black bomber jacket.

Contrast: Red sweatpants to add a pop of colour to the monochromatic look.


Look 2: SuperMario

"This look plays on the combination of primary colours or hues and neutral colours. It resembles the video game character “Supermario’s” classic look."

Proportion and scale: A black oversized T-shirt to outweigh the bottom half of the look.

Emphasis: Tight-fitted sweatpants to emphasize the legs and curves of the body .

Colour: Warm colours and primary hues are used in the red colour of the sweatpants and the yellow text on the T-shirt. Combined with neutral colours such as the khaki cap and Timberland boots.

Shape: Round vintage sunglasses to add a fun and playful element to the look.


Look 3: Call of Duty (Black Ops)

"This look is a military-inspired ensemble with the subtle juxtaposition of 'Tomboyism' and hints of feminine playfulness. Named after the popular shooter video game Black Ops"

Balance: A black oversized T-shirt paired with baggy pants to create asymmetrical balance to the look.

Contrast: A bright yellow T-shirt and bright pink fishnet stockings to add contrast to the camouflage pants.

Texture: Fishnet stockings to add texture to the look.

Shape: Round vintage sunglasses to juxtapose against the square

silhouete of the t-shirt. Accessorized with a cap and a rhinestone choker to further play on two contrasting elements.





Look 1 & 2: Zintle Tolom

Look 3: BAAB Photographer Kamogelo Hlaswa


Edit: Zintle Ramano

Cinematography: Zintle Tolom

Music: Frank Casino

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