City of Johannesburg and Ekhuruleni to Remain at Level 4

Health minister Zweli Mkhize told MPs that intense healthcare interventions are planned for hotspots, but if they do not reduce the spread of infection, more lockdowns could be considered. City of Johannesburg and Ekhuruleni will remain at Level 4 restrictions.

More hotspots that are to remain at Level 4 are listed below:

How will alert levels be determined?

  • Each district's alert level will be determined by Mkhize taking into account the burden of active cases, trends in the active cases and the health system capacity to respond to the disease burden.

  • The provincial command council must consider these levels and submit provincial plans to contain the spread of the epidemic, including health measures, economic activity, restrictions on movement and social services.

  • Mkhize will then present the proposed alert level per district with the provincial plans to contain the infection to the National Coronavirus Command Council which will confirm an alert level and monitor the provincial plans to contain the infection.

Source: News24

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