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#CultureArchives Familiarize Yourself with Bisexual Painter Boscoe Holder's Art

Boscoe Holder (died 21 April 2007), born Arthur Aldwyn Holder in Arima, Trinidad and Tobago, was a leading contemporary painter, who also had a celebrated international career spanning six decades as a designer and visual artist, dancer, choreographer and musician. A good friend of his Michael Adams Henry wrote in his blog

"Boscoe was pretty openly bisexual. If you met him, you would assume he was gay. We had lunch a few days later [after their initial meeting], at which he offered to procure for me as a favor whatever I wished in the way of a male Trinidadian. ... His attitude towards gayness was what I would call 'old school': It was a recreation, a pleasure, but the idea of a committed gay couple seemed an absurdity to him."

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