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From 8 to Blood and Water Here Are South African Films and TV Series You Must-Watch on Netflix

8 is a South African horror film and as a horror film fanatic I must say that this was top tier! Plot, character development, thrill anticipation and most importantly language. As South Africa is so diverse it has 11 official languages this movie has Isizulu,Tshivenda and English all in one script. Netflix definitely has shifted its paradigm towards Africa but moreso towards South Africa for its vast film industry. Another element of the film that makes it completely worth watching is the exploration of South Africa's hidden landscape gems and traditions, such as the difference between traditional healers (sangomas) and witchcraft. The twists and turns of this film are completely unpredictable!


The film is based Somewhere in South Africa in 1977 where a white family, a man, his wife and their niece have inherited their father's farm. They move in and come across a black employee of the farm Lazarus, what they don't know is the secret he holds in his bag is his daughter and she must eat.

Blood & Water directed by Nosipho Dumisa is a Netflix original series which follows the story of a young black girl who seeks for her long lost sister who disappeared. The story is based in Cape Town, South Africa and highlights the pros and cons of Zillenial culture. Not sure what a Zillenial is? Bet, we got you:

You can watch a free episode of the show below:

Blood and Water is currently in the process of filming Season 2, I suggest catching up on Season 1 while you can! The only issue I would address on the show is the romanticizing of pedophilia between teacher and student relations. Would love that to be addressed in Season 2.

Queen Sono, acted by Pearl Thusi, is a undercover spy who wants to avenge the death of her mother who was a freedom fighter in apartheid South Africa. Her character is completely fictional and so is the story lines but, does use the contents of South Africa's dark history for plot development.

Atlantics is not South African but, is a African film that deserves an honorary mention because it is just as, if not more brilliant as 8.


A group of workers goes out to sea in search of a better life in another country. After that, the women they left behind in Dakar are stricken with a mysterious fever. Although promised to another man, young Ada suffers secretly for her love Souleiman, who left with the group. A fire breaks out on the night of Ada's wedding, and a young police officer is dispatched to investigate. What he does not know is that the workers returned in the form of spirits. Many of them are seeking revenge for not receiving payment, but Souleiman has a very different purpose: to be with Ada one last time. Winner of the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival 2019, the film is director Mati Diop's first narrative feature. Opens on November 29, only on Netflix.

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