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Instagram Begins a Creator Fund in Efforts to Compete With YouTube and TikTok

Instagram has announced a rollout feature that is creator focused called Badges. The feature is available to a selected number of users only based in the US.

On their website Instagram states the the role of the badges feature is to support creators during COVID-19

"During the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve seen people supporting their favorite creators in Live with comments, likes, and donations. To give fans another way to participate and show their love, we’re introducing badges that viewers can purchase during a live video.
In recent months, we’ve seen creators embrace Live in new ways, leading to a 70% increase in views from February to March. From fitness instructors to dancers, artists to chefs, Live has helped creators and businesses stay connected to their followers and bring people together. With badges, creators can generate income from the content they’re already creating.
Badges will appear next to a person’s name throughout the live video. Fans who have purchased badges in Live will stand out in the comments and unlock additional features, including placement on a creator’s list of badge holders and access to a special heart."

Instagram seeks to expand Badges to the following countries; US, Brazil, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Mexico.

Similar to YouTube's ability to propel creators by allowing them to pay for ads in their video content through Google Ads, Instagram seeks to achieve the same with IGTV. They stated that Starting next week, we are introducing ads in IGTV, our long-form video destination. We want to support creators’ investment in IGTV by sharing advertising revenue with them.

"IGTV ads will initially appear when people click to watch IGTV videos from previews in their feed. The video ads will be built for mobile and up to 15 seconds long. We’ll test various experiences within IGTV ads throughout the year - such as the ability to skip an ad - to make sure the final result works well for people, creators and advertisers. We’re committed to making IGTV an effective and brand-safe space for advertising, so that we can help creators make money and connect people with great products."

Do you think Badges will assist your business to grow? Let us know in the comments below.

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