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Jaden Smith's Japanese Visuals for Watch Me (Remix) are so SYRE

Jaden Smith dropped the remix of Watch Me from “The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story” and they are so SYRE. If you do not get that reference then you need to be fired. Shot in what appears to be a grocery store or food market in Tokyo, Japan the visuals don't follow an exact narrative other than monopoly money and two skrr skrr Japanese girls. Fa$hun; pink wigs, pink fur and are you even a committed skrr skrr girl if you do not have mini sunglasses? Complimenting the Asian girls appearance is Jaden Smith in a yellow raincoat, his signature blonde hair, diamond encrusted chains, white tee and completing the laid-back look with trackpants. What this video even about? I don't know but, that's the point of art it doesn't always have to make sense it just needs to make you feel something.

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