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#NewMusicFridays Nicki Minaj and 6IX9INE Call Out Wishy Washy Rappers, Pop Smoke Album Postponed

It's been an intense couple of weeks with the uprisings globally in our community about seamless murders of black lives in America and South Africa which is why we've postponed a lot of articles to focus on truly being pivotal leaders in the black community who bring change. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter as this weekend we will put our focus on different ways through monetary and non-monetary actions to combat #BlackLivesMatter and putting an end to gender-based violence. For those who take the stance of #AllLivesMatter Siri herself breaks down what that "movement" stands for. As we move into different seasons it is also important to remember that we are in a global pandemic and headed towards a global recession. I advise BAAB Members to save when they can,wash their hands and practice social distancing.

Now, the good stuff. Music. Controversial duo... I believe at this point Nicki Minaj and 6IX9INE could be considered as a duo, took to Instagram to promote their new single TROLLZ and address TROLLZ in the industry on Instagram Live. Watch below:

In the music video Nicki Minaj trolls Usher using a similar wig but, better thanks to Arrogant Tae! Learn about Ushers shade from Tamar below:

In her verse she spews “Somebody Usher this n*gga into a clinic. My flow still sick, I ain’t talking a pandemic.” She also addresses Cardi B: ”Bustdown or plain jane, I got options“ from Cardi’s line in Bust Down Thotiana ”My p*ssy a bust down yours is plain jane”. Here are some more sneak disses below:

The proceeds of the song will be donated to the Bail Project. The video reached 1 million likes on YouTube making it her 45th music video to do this, extending her record as the artist with the most videos over 1 million likes. Watch TROLLZ below:

Pop Smoke's album has been postponed till July 3rd. The Meet the Woo rapper was murdered earlier this year. I know 2020 has been one long life changing year. Fans of the artist were looking forward to an album but, were gifted a single instead titled MAKE IT RAIN. Listen below:

PARTYNEXTDOOR dropped an animated music video, which seem to be super trendy as of late, to his song SAVAGE ANTHEM. He sneak disses ex beau Kehlani in the video. The song's title is self-explanatory. Watch below:

Cape Town based DJ Boogie dropped a mix available on BAAB.FM. The mix is Afrobeats giving falling-in-love feels. Stream below:

I’m sure the past few weeks have been emotionally and mentally taxing for us all. With this mix, I wanted to celebrate some of my current favorite Afro-Beats tunes. Black artists who celebrate and elevate African music. I know you guys will enjoy this one. YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS - DJ Boogie
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