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RIP to South African Legend Mduduzi Ndlovu

Today I'd like to speak to you BAAB Members from a point of personal acquaintance and less from a place of professionalism. When we exist in the art and media world I believe we become so consumed with the aspect of creation, reinvention and productivity that we may forget to take a moment to breathe and truly appreciate the gems that we have in this country. Often those very gems exist in our very circle.

I've lost a friend. I've lost a lover. I've lost a soulmate. On the evening of 08 November 2020 Mduza Ndlovu, popularly known as @MduzaVanGogh was announced dead. I want to take myself out of the equation and dive into the exemplary art that my friend created. He was a man of many talents writer, painter, producer but, what I loved the most about Mdudu (that's what I call him) was his heart.

If one dives into the essence of Mdu's abstract art one can perceive the growth of the artist. The darkness and light it possesses each painting tells a story of neo-expressionism that can indefinitely be seen adjacent to Picasso's work.

View gallery below:

One needs to remember that the glory does not stop there Mduza Ndlovu was a multi-talented artist in the roles of mastering not only art but, music as well.

27 is an EP beattape that showcases ecclectic music from the artist with LoveInTheCity, Ride and SmokingWitNunsAndPriest being in my top 3.

Ran Out of CaNvAs is another beattape that possesses hints of Soulection music. The opening track Hiroshi sets the tone for the 4 track EP followed by Stay High with melodic harmonies chanting 'ah' and more complementary tracks.

Today will be the official send off of Mduduzi Ndlovu. Long Live Mdu.

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