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The Ultimate YouTube Creators Package You Need for Your Small Business

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

YouTube is best known for its long form educational video content that is divided into different nichés. The 2020s has witnessed a number of brands using this platform to educate existing and pre-existing clients about their company's products & services, as well as, utilizing this platform to promote how these product and services can solve their audience's problems.

To have a successful YouTube channel requires more than good content. It also requires a strategy that clearly defines who your channel is targeted at, what your channel will focus on (niche) as well as when you post on your channel. These 3 factors will contribute to the success of your platform.

Our YouTube channel has over 400 subscribers and 300 000 views. Our content niche is lifestyle, celebrity news and pop culture. By defining our content niche we have been able to use YouTube to advertise our services by creating a playlist Our Work curated from BAAB Media's portfolio for our different clients.

This has created an oppourtunity for our subscribers to also inquire about potential services that we may provide for their own branding and digital marketing needs. Due to our consistent growth in views, likes, comments and subscribers our package is valued at R50 000 /video. This package includes content creation, video editing up to 30 mins max and uploading the video.

Book our YouTube Creators Package today!

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