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The Meta Augmented Reality Filter

Augmented Reality (AR) is a popular social technology today with a market worth of $26.75 billion in 2021. Social media and gaming platforms like Snapchat and Pokemon Go are some of the mainstream AR technology adopters.

Instagram also took leverage from AR to let marketers better engage with their followers and promote their brands. AR filters are computer-generated elements that layer over your real-life images. Using a back or front camera, Instagram Stories viewers can use various AR filters in real-time. It is a great physiological technique to enhance virtual UX.

Reasons you should use AR filters for your business:

  • Augmented technology is far more captivating than videos.

  • Just like Facebook AR Ads, Instagram AR Ads are coming very soon.

  • Simplify the online shopping experience as users can try it before placing their orders.

  • Give a push to your Instagram marketing efforts.

  • It’s an easy and free way to use robust augmented reality technology in your brand promotions.

  • It is a great way to practice content syndication and repurposing.

From design concept to final publication takes 14-30 days dependent on client revisions. Your custom filter will be available on both Meta Facebook and Instagram.

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