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What's New on BAAB Media Group 2021!

2020 was the age of digital transformation. COVID-19 showed a number of companies the importance of having a digital solution to all of your company needs. The pandemic has accelerated the inevitable which is; the future is digital.

Your company may not be in digital but, digital is in your company

BAAB Media Group has introduced 10 new services in 2021 to assist brands and companies become in the now and to not get left behind in this digital revolution. Our founder Zintle Ramano stands on the belief that your company may not be in digital but, digital is in your company.

Our 2021-2023 rates include quality services such as Digital Media Package, The Creative Services and BAAB FM

BAAB FM for the Music Lovers

BAAB FM is a digital radio station that was introduced in 2020. It sought to take advantage of the digital revolution that was in full swing and that included the manner in which radio had operated. Through the use of platforms such as Mixcloud, Soundcloud and StationHead we have been able to decentralise fm and place them right here on our official website.

Through BAAB FM for the music lovers we have been able to create a merchandise line in collaboration with shopVIDA a company that focuses on sustainable fashion.

VIDA masks has been recommended as the No. 1 bestselling mask of 2020 by NBC News

Shop our masks in fashionable patterns and colours:

We have moved our exclusive content to Patreon. Free content is amazing but, producing it does not pay for itself. We hope that our BAAB Members will assist us by becoming Patrons for a small fee of $20/month. What are the perks? Well visit our Patreon to find out more!

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