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#WKNDWRAPUP Sign These Petitions, Beyonce is About That Action + BAAB.FM

It's been an intense couple of weeks with the uprisings globally in our community about seamless murders of black lives in America as well as gender-based-violence against women in South Africa which is why we've postponed a lot of articles to focus on truly being pivotal leaders in the black community who bring change. Below are non-monetary actions to combat #BlackLivesMatter and putting an end to gender-based violence. For those who take the stance of #AllLivesMatter Siri herself breaks down what that "movement" stands for. Here are petitions to sign to save black lives, awareness is over it is now about that action:

The South African Police Service is failing the women of South Africa. Tshegofatso Pule, who was found stabbed and hanged from a tree in a veld in Roodepoort, was laid to rest on Thursday. She was eight months pregnant when she was murdered.

We demand justice. Sign this petition here

Naledi Phangindawo was hacked with an axe and stabbed with a spear to death. We demand justice. Sign this petition here

Beyonce is always put on a different pedestal in comparison to her peers beyond music. Since the global uprisings of black people a lot of fans called her to action and condemned her silence on #BlackLivesMatter. Then when she spoke up and adhered over 300 000 signatures on Geroge Floyds petition she was shunned:

On Sunday, Queen Bey did however write a letter to the office of the General Attorney, The Honorable Daniel Cameron for a call to action around the murder of Breonna Taylor

As we move into different seasons it is also important to remember that we are in a global pandemic and headed towards a global recession. I advise BAAB Members to save when they can,wash their hands and practice social distancing.

Here are South Africa's COVID-19 numbers as of 14 June, 2014

Good news for the music lovers! We’ve officially launched our radio station BAAB.FM where you can stream all of our in-house mixes from $AUCE BABY and curated@spotify playlists as well as Mash-Up videos on@youtube. All in one place because you deserve it. 📻 BAAB.FM available on web desktop and mobile. Learn more below:

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