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Akin Brown Brings African Folk Music to Life with Oye Mi

"There’s a need to bring life back into art by bringing art into life, so that the two can hold yunno a meaningful conversation consistently. In Africa, the tendency is to keep art involved with the people hence I’ve decided to do this and continue shining my light in the best way possible.”

Brown has always been drawn to old tunes and folklore. This and more is the inspiration behind his debut project titled “Oye Mi(I Understand)”. Oye mí’ is a neo-traditional Yoruba folk song born out of the need to retell the story of a man's yearning and his karma.

It's born out of the need to revive traditional African story telling in a context we can relate to now. Storytelling takes you on a journey that inspires you to learn more about yourself, about the world around you.

Using sonic elements Brown lyrically illustrates the push and pull of the unstable relationship sung about.

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