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Badfellaz: Trappers of Soweto

Trapped In Soweto, they've been featured on KFC Bites, Touch HD, 5FM have over 15 000 views on YouTube, verified on Spotify, are quite popular on social media with just over 26K followers on both their Instagram and Twitter. So, who are these rising stars?

Luzuko, Sbu and Ozzy are a trio who are based in the city of gold with the ambition and goal to seek for gold: plaques and Grammy-certified music. Currently they are working on an EP that is expected to be released in Summer 2018. This vibrant group extends their talent in lyricism, dance and have the work ethos of: if today was my last day, did I achieve all that I had set out to achieve?

You can stream their music on all digital platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. Taking over and shifting the culture scene in South Africa, Badfellaz will be on every radio, phone, stereo, television, hood, suburb and club. Become part of their journey so that, you are never without.


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