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5 Reasons Nicki Minaj is Here To Stay

1. The monster verse should honestly be, the only reason considering she sacrilegiously annihilated every rap bitch on that track, yes, Ye, Jay and Ross are rap bitches.

2. Lest, we not forget that one time Nicki fought the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for stream counts to count as sales on Apple Music, Spotify and other digital platforms to be accredited towards whether or not an album or single was eligible for Gold or Platinum . This created a new methodology making 1,500 streams will count as the equivalent of 10 track sales or 1 album sale.

Minaj draped in Fendi for Chun Li cover art

3. It has been four years since the release of her triple platinum, fourth studio album The Pinkprint. A body of work that had Beyoncé featured on the album for Feeling Myself. Before that period, having Queen Bey featured on a track was a myth.

4. The legendary Itty Bitty Piggy that old-school Queens Nicki bodied on, She Gotta Donk (Instrumental)

5. From rap beef with other femcees, to the endless mysogynistic take of pitting womxn against each other in rap music, Minaj reminds us she is queen in Barbie Tingz, her first single in what she says is going to be the best album she has ever made.

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