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J. Cole's KOD focuses on meditating on pain instead of medicating it and that is true philosophy

ATM is the first single off of J. Cole's third studio album KOD

The album explores various addictions that exist in our society from money, alcohol, drugs and love, stated as the strongest of them all in Intro.

Cole has said to have targeted issues circulating around pop culture from infidelity (refer to Kevin's Heart) to mumble rappers (refer to 1985).Jermaine Cole who went platinum without any features with 2014 Forest Hills Drive, debuts his softer alter-ego kiLL edward whose poetic voice appears twice on the album in The Cut Off and FRIENDS. The utmost controversial track on the album is Kevin's Heart where he speaks of infidelity and the temptation to participate in it:

Cole confirmed what exactly KOD stands for and no it has nothing to do with King of Diamonds in Atlanta. Seeing as the album's thematic cause is addiction the rapper confirmed its acronym as:

Kids on Drugs

King Overdosed

Kill Our Demons

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