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5 Female Rappers You Need to Listen to Now: LightSkinKeisha, BBYMUTHA, $AUCE BABY + More

Female Rap has become a genre that is flourishing beyond hip hop. The 2010s saw a rapid emergence of femcees across the globe booming. The list below in ,no particular order, features female rappers you need on your playlist:

LightSkinKeisha is a 26 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. You can hear that her sound is influenced from where she comes from with Juvenile samples and many more legendary rappers. Talk That Talk (Rich Bitch) just reached 1M views. Congratulations to LightSkinKeisha.

BBYMUTHA is a 30 year old rapper from Tennessee, USA. Her sound is grown and adaptable what can be appreciated about her is she represents a new group of women in music where ageism no longer affects ones own success. Her sound is deep south and explores themes of deadbeat fathers and how to not trust men, but in an empowering sense. The chorus of RULES is very catchy.

$AUCE BABY is a 25 year old rapper and DJ from Johannesburg, South Africa. Her music is a variation of piano trap and drill music. CIROC FLOW is her debut single into the industry with a innovative lyric video that embraces the digital age.

CupcaKKe is a 22 year old rapper from Chicago, Illinois who has been in the industry for a minute. You can see her influence on big stars such as Lizzo and it can be said that she should be having the career that Lizzo is having at the moment. Her sound is innovative and raw. Grilling N*ggas & Lawd Jesus visuals are top tier. She makes music for women who embrace their sexuality in all shapes and sizes.

S3NSI MOLLY is a 20 year old rapper from Houston, Texas. Her sound can be described as Piano Trap. She's signed to Def Jam and is probably going to blow up in 2021 if her team really focuses on artist development. Her music is for women who are fluid with their sexuality.

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