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6 Ways You Can Help the George Floyd Case

A graphic video of#GeorgeFloyd has been circulating the internet and we choose not to share it because of its triggering content however, here is the truth: George Floyd was unlawfully pinned to the ground by his neck by a white American police officer. Floyd can be heard multiple times communicating to the officer that he cannot breathe. The officer continues to pin him down with his knee. Floyd then begs for water. He then communicates that his stomach hurts, and neck hurts and begs the officer to move. This would then be the cause of his death. This has been stated by members of the community of a similar incident that happened with#EricGarner. The officers names were Officer Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao

Here's how you can help the George Floyd case:

  1. You can sign a petition by

  2. You can circulate images of Officer Derek Chauvin & his accomplice Tou Thao instead of Floyd's lifeless body.

  3. You can recruit white and PoC friends and colleagues as allies to share the information

  4. You can put pressure on influential celebs who are only posting social media images and tweeting #JusticeForFloyd to become physically or monetarily involved in building a case against officers.

  5. If you're participating in a protest ensure that you protect your safety first currently Minneapolis police have turned violent against peaceful protesters by spraying them with tear gas.

  6. You can share this article.

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