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Final $AUCE BABY Mix for 2020 + Mixes in Review

Car Rides is a $AUCE BABY mix inspired by the festive season. Due to COVID-19 there have been multiple restrictions on movement across the globe most of which air travel has been immensely affected. This mix was inspired by those who like myself are avid travellers and sometimes you just want to get on the road and escape. What's a better escape when you're accompanied by good music? Listen to Car Rides below:

Melanin Christmas Greetings is a mix inspired by the holiday seasons. Listen below:

Fuck These Wack Hoes is a mix where the title is self-explanatory. Listen below:

Long Live Mdu is a mix to pay tribute to the late Mdu Ndlovu a dear friend and colleague of BAAB Media Group. Listen below:

I'M BORING TOO is a mix inspired by those who are in love and just want to layaway with their partners. A fusion of Dancehall, R&B, Reggae and Hip Hop. Listen below:

DON'T BE A DUMB B*TCH is a self-explanatory mix for those haters that have too much time on their hands. Listen below:

female rap takeover is a mix tributed to the best femcees in the game in 2020. Listen below:

BREAK UP is a mix inspired by the fact that sometimes you have that Bobby & Whitney type of love and it's time to cut it off. Listen below:

REALIZATION is about confidence and embodying your true form which is relentless, present and destined for wealth and wisdom. Listen below:

ENVY ME is another mix towards the haters. You see me. Now listen below:

SOCIAL DISTANCE RADIO is a show that was inspired by the quarantine and 2020 situation. It will resume in late December 2020. Listen below:

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