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Lil Baby's My Turn

The 20 track album is really good with features from Lil Wayne, Gunna and Money Bag Yo. However after some time it does begin to sound a bit monotonous with its themes and stories. I believe that when you have established and introduced a new sound to hip hop it can become difficult to remain on the pedestal you have been involuntarily put on. No doubt, Lil Baby is one of the greats however it would be interesting to see if for the years of his career that he will continue to exceed his fans expectations. In matters such as these visuals can sometimes exceed the track itself which aids in making the song chart. Examples can be Cardi B's Money who is also signed to Quality Control's management as Lil Baby is signed under label and management.

Tracks You Might Like:

1.Get Ugly

2. Heatin Up ft. Gunna

6. Live Off My Closet ft. Future

8. Emotionally Scarred

9. Commercial ft. Lil Uzi Vert

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