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New Music Fridays: Frank Ocean Writes an Ode to April for Healing

Frank Ocean decided to come out of his bat cave to offer the world some healing with his music in two new track Dear April and Cayendo.

Dear April is beautiful and I mean absolutely fantastic. It's a song about healing after the trauma that the world has been facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cry a little, burn a candle and sway to this.

Dear April, we were safe for a while

We were safe as the years flew by

If you could take two strangers

Lead them left and right

At a certain place and time

Like you took these strangers

And our two strange lives

And made us new

And took us through

And woke us up

I believe that no matter what it makes us do

Take us through it

I don't know what Cayendo is about because it's in Spanish but, it does have a lyric that says you stood me up to lay me down and that really resonated with me.

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