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If you had thought that Believe It ft. Rihanna would steal the hearts of the listener then think again because there's an array of songs on this album that outshone the other. Let's get into it:

SAVAGE ANTHEM is said to be about PARTY'S tumultuous toxic relationship with R&B singer Kehlani. This is weird because the two haven't been a couple since 2015 making it almost 5 years later for PND to address the situation.

He throws a subliminal about Kehlani's former boyfriend NBA player Kyrie Irving:

Irving's jersey number is 2.

The entire song is a soothing mess. Here was Twitter's reaction:

Moving on TOUCH ME has hints of a Afrobeats type beat a little bit upbeat from the rest of the songs which lighten up the mood of the album a bit, this could be a potential Billboard chart topper if the video is done right.

TRAUMA is a track that I loved based off of its title alone. I expected it to be sad and dreary just to find it to be upbeat and another pop bop. Between this track and TOUCH ME should have been the leading singles with really cool afro-fusion music videos featuring early 2000s inspired vixens and lots of island gyal dancers.

NOTHING LESS the loving R&B bop we needed with healing energies in its opening lines

Shawty you get the best of me

Whatever is left of me.

Yes. That's the song review.

Those are the top 4 songs on the album. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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