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Step Up Digital with BAAB Media Group

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves! BAAB Media Group is a digital marketing company that generates traffic in over 27 countries in 4 continents. With over 600K views on YouTube and founded by our award-winning digital entrepreneur Zintle Ramano Our aim is to assist our users to understand the importance of digitisation to elevate and professionalize their brand through digital marketing. Which is why in 2023 we are stepping up all things digital!

Step Up Digital, Step Up Your World

We seek to create strong customer loyalty through our internal CMS with BAAB digital products and services. Our existing clientele are SMME's in the financial services sector, public sector and media industry.

Providing functional digital products and services that save time, reduce efforts as well as costs for our BAAB Members is at the forefront of our business this is achieved through digital accessibility.

The pandemic provided a great technological reset giving opportunity to businesses to redefine their relevance and problem solving capabilities through utilizing digitisation. BAAB Media Group is committed to provide quality digital services with a punctual service delivery.

The evolution of technology dates back to the 1st industrial revolution which required demand in efficient branding and communications technology. At 1st there was a telegram then, came the post then, came the phone then, came the internet then, came email then came instant messaging and social media, and now we have BAAB Media Group. Your solution to your digital needs.

The 2020s are an age of automation do not get left behind by excluding digital firms in your business plan; for your business may not be digital but digital is definitely in your business.

2023 rates
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