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The Inaugural Women Economic Assembly #WECONA2021

For as long as women shoulder the greatest burden of poverty, for as long as they are more likely to be unemployed, for as long as they are paid less than their male counterparts, for as long as they struggle to start businesses, for as long as they face discrimination in the workplace, for as long as women confront these and other challenges, our vision of an equal and just society will remain elusive.

The Inaugural Women Economic Assembly was a window of oppourtunity for BAAB Media Group as we partnered with the platform for deliberate action. The panel discussions consisted of President Ramaphosa, government officials as well as leaders of different industry sectors with a theme of 40% preferential procurement and the empowerment of women in various parts of the economy through supply-value chain.

Watch the full event above

Our founder Zintle Ramano was the Head of the Digital Marketing team

We are very thankful to the Women Economic Assembly for having given BAAB Media Group onboard to partner as an official digital media sponsor.

Watch the business leaders interviews we coordinated below:

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