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The Rebrand of BAAB Media Group. A New Dawn of a Digital Era

2021 opened a new chapter for BAAB Media Group with the expansion of new content creation and services that we might have become a little negligent on what has been happening offline from our BAAB Members. Now is the time to dive into this journey and relearn who BAAB Media Group is as well as what the dawn of this digital era means for our company.

BAAB Gaming

BAAB Gaming was created in May 2021 which reviews and explores the world of mobile games. Season 1 is on pause and is set to resume in January 2022. Ensure to catch up with all episodes below:


BAAB FM is a digital radio station that was introduced mid-2020. Since it's inception $AUCE BABY mixes have become multi-charters. Her highest charting mix BACK ON MY BS debuted at #16 in its 1st week and climbed to peak at #9 on the global trap chart and 93rd on the global trap mix chart on Mixcloud!

$AUCE BABY has journeyed her 4 year DJ career with the following accolades 3x Global Trap Chart, 1x Trap Music Chart, 1x Alternative Chart, 2x Trap Mix Chart Topping DJ. A big congratulations! You may book her services here:

My Life: Zintle Season 2

In Season 2 Zintle Ramano becomes more personal as she explores surviving as an entrepreneur in the middle of a pandemic, crafting motivational speaking as well as opening up about her mental illness and her fertility journey.

Season 2 is currently taking a production break and will resume during the 1st week of October 2021.

Our Work

With the opportunity from YLC-IDEAL and various organisations we have managed to grow our services, modify and improve our service delivery as well as work on large scale projects both provisional and national.

Our client diversity has now grown from IWFSA to WDBIH, ABSIP, JSE, AIH and a multi-stakeholder platform named the Women's Economic Assembly (WECONA). For WECONA we worked with a credible global advertising agency JCDecaux of which our Founder & Managing Director Zintle Ramano, designed billboards and heads up their media campaign for the event taking place 06 October 2021.

You can learn more about WECONA below:

Our Services

Introducing a new service for those businesses wondering about Search Engine Optimisation. Allow us to generate some keywords that'll ensure your business' visibility and brand awareness takes off digitally!


Thank you BAAB Members for your support over the years and we look forward to what October 2021 has to offer! Welcome to the digital economy.

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