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We reached 200 Subscribers on YouTube! Let's dive into our top 10 videos

200 Subscribers in 2020 the numerology appears fantastic! For this milestone we wanted to dive into our favourite YouTube videos from this year ranging from pop culture to makeup tutorials:

10. Nicki Minaj Calls Out All Barbz in Twitter's New Voice Feature (June 2020)

9. The Heritage Day Mix by $AUCE BABY (September 2020)

8. How to Customize Your Home Screen on iOS14 (September 2020)

7. ELEGANCE - $AUCE BABY (Official Lyric Video)

6. How to Use BAAB FM (Mobile Version)

5. Siri, What is All Lives Matter? (June 2020)

4. $AUCE BABY - CIROC FLOW (Official Lyric Video)

3. Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé at Coachella (2015)

2. Face Beats by Zintle | How to Do Cut-Crease Soft-Glam on Hooded Eyes

  1. Black Coffee Luncheon ft. Zintle Ramano

Thank you all for supporting us! Make sure to subscribe to our channel here

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