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Watch: Hot Girl Meg Attributes Tik Toker Who Made Savage Dance in Lyric Video

Megan Thee Stallion has really been making strides in music to the point where we can see her stardom slowly but, surely rising to Pop Icon. The way music is consumed and charts has changed in less than a decade. The focus used to be a dependency on fan base such as the Barbz, Monsters, BeyHive or Navy but, that was back in the day. Now you need to be able to have a strong social media presence and recently the viral impact of a Tik Tok Creator making a dance to your song and thus the Savage dance was born.

The girl on the right is the originater of the Savage dance that has seen the likes of Jessica Alba, Tamar Braxton as well as Justin & Hailey Bieber do it. Join in! Kudos to Megan Thee Stallion the Princess of Rap.

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