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Watch: Migos Drop Taco Tuesday, Takeoff Doesn't Get a Verse

I hate to write about it but, I am sick of Quality Control music excluding Takeoff from Migos ventures whether it is watering down his verses to the last part of the song or making him seem as if he's the Michelle Williams of the group. First of all Takeoff gave us Last Memory and Casper on his solo debut album whereas I fail to remember any songs from Offset's album apart from Clout ft. Cardi B and not one from Quavo's. Give my mans his bars and verses or does he also have to date a popular female rapper in order for P to acknowledge him as a member of Migos?

Anyways, Taco Tuesdays is a song that dropped relevantly so on a Tuesday about Tacos. The video is of the Migos cooking Tacos.

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