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YIKES a $AUCE BABY Mix Stream + Lyrics

Her first lyrical drop of the year the queen $AUCE BABY remixed the queen of Queens Yikes.


Verse 1

I'm the queen b*tch

Supreme b*tch

I kill a b*tch

For my n*gga

Any means b*tch

(Rah rah)

If a broke n*gga pull up imma leave b*tch

Cause I cut these niggas off E.V.E b*tch

They're tired or broke or scamming

It's a fucking problem

(Yah Yah)

I'm a bad bitch A$AP fucking problem

(Yah Yah)

Rich b*tch flexing now I'm a f*cking problem


This coochie got some Gucci b*tches can't spell Pucci


They're loud and whyling ratchet in their fake Louis


I'm not a cheap b*tch don't buy me Michael Kors

That pleather plastic heels is for the f*cking wh*res, wh*res, wh*res

Come get your b*tch and do your motherf*cking chores



You my type can't do it for likes


This platinum miles on consistent flights


Don't try to fight you gone catch a fade

My lawyer on the phone you b*tch might catch a case


Verse 2

I heard that lil n*gga Uzi

Pull up got that ooowee

and his pockets real fat like my wet wet coochie


Corona Virus got these b*tches skating on ice

Don't touch or grab me you gone have to answer to Bryce

He was like (oh?)

And I said

Can can (uh)

Can you do the

Can can

Like I can (uh)

No you can't

All you do is scam scam

Money making b*tch

N*gga you don't stand a chance (Yuh)

I'm a rap b*tch

I'm a bad b*tch

Not a sad b*tch

I'm a savage

I'll throw it back quick

Make a n*gga nut bust

With the thickness

Caught him off guard

With his OFF WHITE

That black Louis Virgil

Je nes parles Francais

but if you want to fly to Paris we can

Again and again and again

Just make sure when you with that n*gga he got that cash talk


Bag talk

When it comes to n*ggas ain't no money talk


Bag talk

It's quiet


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